The newest member (2014) for the hygiene program in the pre and post milking phases is Golden Mixer.

Golden Mixer is a fall mixing system for two-components detergents and disinfectants. It is completely realised with made in Italy and no corrosive products, with CE certification.
Golden Mixer mixes the products through two tanks with magnetic levels, dosing two products with an identical ratio, 50% 50%, or diversified ratio basing on the kind of product.
Golden Mixer also allows the mix of two product with a different density.

Golden Mixer is a system used for the mix of chemicals products which needs a correct mixture, with identical of diversified dosage.
Golden Mixer has to be used combined with the systems Easy Foam or Spray Dip.
Golden Mixer works through a control unit which adjust the functioning of pumps, solenoid valves and tanks for the mix of the two products.
Once the mix is made, the resultant product is lead into Easy Foam or Spray Dip systems for the application directly in the milking parlor.


Advantages Golden Mixer:

The two-components products are mixed without any error; Imporvement of the efficency of the product applied; Reduction of wastefulness of products; Elimination of the manual mix; Reduction of the times in pre and post milking phases; Less stress for the operator in the milking parlor

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